Gingerbread Village

I made a gingerbread house! My first one. Unless you count the hurricane wreckage my brother and I once tried to make with the wrong frosting… which I don’t because it fell down and couldn’t even be decorated.

This one I made as a prop for a drawing lesson I taught last week.

Hehe. I like it.

Then I got ambitious and made a church, complete with stained glass windows. What I did for that was crush a bunch of jolly ranchers in a ziplock bagĀ using a meat pounder, then scatter the pieces in cut-out window spots before I baked the gingerbread. It’s little nuances like these which fascinate me.

This was the recipe I used for the dough: Last year I made gingerbread men with it, substituting GF flour and they tasted amazing! Just like the windmill cookies my grandma got from Costco when I was little. You guys should try it.