Food Pets

I just love stuff like this! Food art is amazing. I’m definitely going to have to try my hand at these when I have kids… okay, maybe before then.

Images from Hostess with the Mostess


2 thoughts on “Food Pets

  1. Dear Friend,
    I definitely understand your hesitation. My husband, upon reading the book and loving it, explained to me that he has always sort of landed on one side of things, and this book lands closer to the other side. It has, if not rung entirely true, helped to balance out our beliefs by easily dismantling some ideas we had unknowingly clung to, and to shed some light on another perspective. I highly recommend it for providing this balance and clarity on some points. I think it will do that easily.

    By the way, I love the sheep. ha ha!

    So nice to hear from you, as always.

    -Natasha W.

  2. Oh, and another thing:
    Have you heard of the book La Bonne Cuisine? I searched fruitlessly for a copy of Anna Karenina at the library yesterday and turned to the cooking section instead. I picked up La Bonne Cuisine, a gigantic cook book which is supposedly found in all the home kitchens in France. I also picked up a Barefoot Contessa book (who could pass that up?) and a small, compact copy of French Provencial Cooking by Elizabeth David.

    Any thoughts?
    -Natasha W.

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