Eggplant Parm Bites


I saw these adorable little eggplants, 8 for $1, at Sprouts and couldn’t pass them up! I concocted my own eggplant parmesan recipe that is low-carb and tasty and dippable. Yum!


-6 mini eggplants

-2 egg whites

-1 c. parmesan cheese from container

-1/2 tsp. Italian seasonings

-marinara sauce


Preheat oven to 325 degrees (I used a convection oven). Slice eggplants into medallions. Beat two egg whites until their foamy. Combine the parmesan cheese and herbs in a shallow dish. Dip each medallion in the egg whites, then into the parmesan cheese on both sides, then place on a nonstick baking sheet. Tip: use one fork to dip the medallions into the egg wash, and a separate fork to coat them with the cheese and place them on the baking sheet. That way the eggs don’t get dirty from the cheese. I baked the eggplant bites for 30 min, turning the over halfway through. I figured cooking them low and slow would ensure that they were fully cooked and not still firm without burning the cheese. I may experiment in the future to see if I can cook them at 350 degrees for 20 minutes and see if they come out okay. But this first batch I made came out superbly!

Serve the eggplant parm bites with hot marinara sauce for dipping.


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